Why Music is So Important During the Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived over the past year – there have been very few constants in our lives and the world at large. Depending on your location and unique situation, you may have witnessed changes in health regulations and protocols, how your workplace operates, how you may even visit the grocery store. Even if you are one of the lucky few and have had relatively no changes in your day-to-day, you likely miss the normality of things prior to the pandemic.

And while your world may look totally different compared to how it did a year ago, there are some old standbys that we can still rely on. For instance, something I have been able to rely on day-in-and-day-out during the pandemic has been the sweet sound of music.

Music is virtually accessible anywhere, anytime, and is mostly free these days. You can even use your phone to pull up music platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music, or the source of your choosing. There are no rules or regulations necessary – simply pop on some headphones, lay back and jam out to your favorite band or artist. This is a very comforting activity for a lot of people – and music has a special quality that can inspire us and give us strength when we need it most

Through my experience as a music producer in the cheerleading industry, I have seen how this inspiring power works with cheer teams. Like other sports, competitive cheerleading has had a challenging time as uncertainty from the pandemic has affected events and how the industry operates at a fundamental level – from cancellations, to lockdowns. We are only just now seemingly emerging from the chaos.

But yet, throughout it all, music has once again been a constant source of strength, comfort and inspiration. Music has helped give these hardworking athletes the motivation and hope they need to continue in their greatness and bring their a-game to the mat. Exciting music is contagious and has helped team members push through grueling practices when they might not have felt like it. In fact, with so many competitions going virtual, the enthusiasm and energy of the crowd has been dampened, meaning music becomes twice as important a factor in providing the energy for the routines.

Through my work as CheerMusicPro, I have a certain level of pride in helping to bring a new sense of life to these athletes’ and teams’ routines in such a challenging time. I am also grateful that I have been able to use this past year to stay busy, even bringing TWO all-new commercial albums to the public earlier this month. Whether in helping cheer members get hyped for their practices and competitions, or as a personal source of inspiration – music has played a tremendous role.

Now, as we head on into the new year – here’s hoping we are able to come back together, under one roof again soon, jamming, clapping and shouting as we reignite the spirit of cheer. Until then, I encourage you all to keep listening to the music that makes you happy and provides you peace of mind during these most stressful times.

With much love,
~ Patrick Avard